Friday, March 18, 2016

Self-Publishing Update

Wow. I've been really quiet on here lately. Sorry about that. I've been busy working on Dark Shores, Book Three of my young adult fantasy series called, Black Depths. This follow-up to Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch and Broken Tide is going to be simply amazing. I've come up with a temporary cover for the release. Which is below. I like it, but I'm worried about how it will print. I'm hoping to order myself a proof copy for review this week, so I'll see when it arrives if this is the design I'll be going with for the first edition.

However, I have found a wonderful artist to do some cover art for me. Her name's Leah Keeler and she's been wonderful. Below you will find the new and much more amazing cover art for Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch. I've decided to shorted this to Sea-Witch in all of my future postings. It's a beautiful cover. What do you think?

I've also been very busy with reading, and will be swamping you all with some young adult book reviews in the next couple of days.

Last but not least, it is my birth month (yes, I do celebrate a birth month because I cannot contain all the joy that is me), so I've been pretty busy with that!

All in all, the self-publishing experience has been fun. The most difficult part, which I'm still struggling with, is getting the word out to all the young people in the world! So if you've read my book and enjoyed it, please do not be shy in saying so. I'll appreciate you always!


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