Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Writing Prompt

If you're looking for a little inspiration today, you've come to the right place.

The butterfly has long been a symbol of transformation. Yesterday, I found a fat green worm in my sink after washing off my kale leaves. Today, I dug up these photos I took a little over a year ago. In the past year, my life has undergone many transformations. Today, write about a transformation you have recently undergone, the transformation a fictional character has undergone, or pick a picture and write about the butterfly itself. If you need a bit more inspiration, think of Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

What I'm Reading Saturday

Today I'm doing a little light reading. I picked up a copy of Artful Blogging. I just love looking at the beautiful pictures others take and post on the web. Of course I inspire to do the same. I also picked up a copy of Llewellyn's 2015 Magical Almanac, for interest but also for research for a story I'm slowly working my way through for WattPad. I got quite a bit of writing done on it this morning while drinking a beautiful caramel latte. Delicious too.

Here's a picture of my reading spot for the afternoon, and my selection of readings. I hope you're having a great read this Saturday too. What book is waiting on your couch?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday What's Up

This week marked the first time Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch was sold in a store. My favourite book store, in fact, called McNally Robinson. I'm so excited to be selling my book here. This is the kind of bookstore that comes to mind when I picture a bookstore: wooden shelves, dark decor, an amazing cafe, and even a tree with a spiral staircase rising up in the middle. It's magical. For those who don't live in Saskatoon, it's worth a visit if you ever do come here. For those that do live here, go every chance you get.

Here's a picture of me standing beside Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch, in the local authors section. And a picture of the book up in the Young Adult section.

I recommend the cinnamon bun and cappuccino, if you need something to eat while reading your copy of Tales in Prairie Ink.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Latest Creation

I'll admit it: sometimes I like to craft.

So here are a few pics of my latest creation: a bookmark shadowbox! It's no secret that I love books (reading and writing). And I happen to think it's pretty natural that I would then also love bookmarks. I've been collecting them for a while. It finally got to the point where I decided I should try to do something with them - and I can't read that many books at once. So I decided to do this:

I think it turned out pretty stellar. (I love that word: stellar)

Of course, I couldn't find my pins, so the bookmarks are just thrown in there haphazardly for the moment. But I plan to rearrange them soon once those pesky pins make their appearance. 

It was pretty simple. If you want to make one, here's what you need: a shadowbox, adhesive fabric, cotton batting, bookmarks, and of course, pins. The picture below shows my raw materials. 

The only thing I wish I would have done differently is buy a bigger box!

Writing Prompt Tuesday

Start with grass. Build a world up from there - it can be just like earth, or it can be something completely of your own creation. One word at a time. Write as fast as you can for five minutes (you might want to set a timer).


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Today was a busy day. I hosted a reading event, put on by the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. I listened to three lovely and talented writers share some of their work. A few weeks back, I read some of my own work - a selection from Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch. It is always a good experience to read some of my work aloud. It helps me see, and hear, it in a new light.

Now I'm at home, working on my Middle Grade Novel, The Brattenback House. Currently, I'm getting this novel ready to go shopping. Hopefully, it will find a home.  Also, I'm still working away at Broken Tide, the sequel to Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch. So far I haven't hit any major snags, and I'm liking where it's going and how it's getting there. In a couple of weeks, I'm planning on sharing some of it with you, and I'm very excited to do so!

Hopefully everyone's having a great summer. It's 34 degrees here today; time to go make some ice tea.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing Prompt Tuesday

What would it feel like to sleep on this plant? Smell like? Taste like? Who's sleeping on it and why? (I'm picturing a lady who had a bit too much bubbly last night - go with that if you will!)

Get those creative sprites moving!

Obtaining an ITIN in Canada Finis!

Today I opened my mailbox and surprise! My ITIN had arrived! It took almost exactly a month from the day I mailed my application to the IRS to get my ITIN number. About six weeks total if you count the time it took for me to apply for and receive the certified copies of my passport.

Yay! That's one more self-publishing hurdle out of the way. And, actually, it wasn't that bad. So if you're looking to apply for an ITIN for yourself, don't fear. You can read my previous blog posts on this topic by clicking on the following links.

Part 1 and 2
Part 3

Friday, August 7, 2015

Obtaining an ITIN In Canada - Update

So I got a letter in the mail today, the return address was this:

And I thought: Yes! My ITIN # is finally here.

Only to open it and read that they are just processing my application, and returning my original documents. Big sigh.

So, the wait for the actual # goes on. But at least there is progress! And the fact that they are processing my application sounds like a good sign - right?