Friday, March 30, 2012

The Quiet Weeks

Trying to be published means many quiet weeks when you hear absolutely nothing from potential agents, publishers, editors. It means a lot of time in my head wondering if I'm doing the right thing or if perhaps I should focus all my time and attention saving the world from potential environment disaster as I already do in my day job. (BTW - potentially is the word of the day). To distact myself from the quietness, I went on an epic roadtrip last weekend with my husband. We drove over 3000 km down to Rapid City and I saw Mount Rushmore for the first time. The best part of the trip was staying in hotels which had waterparks. The best of which was Wa-tiki in RC, where they have two tube slides, one which races down into a big toilet bowl and the other which passes under mini-waterfalls and pitchblack tunnels. The second best part was seeing Devil's Tower in Wyoming - so beautiful. And third it was just amazing to get out and GO SOMEWHERE I'VE NEVER GONE BEFORE. The other good thing was that it got me to NOT think about writing - something I think I was in desperate need of taking a break from. But now I'm ready to go back, to dive in and work on whatever takes my fancy instead of working on what I think may earn me some money in the future. I have a day job, it pays well. Today I saved a city from a diesel spill (well not really but at least I was there). So I'm ready to go back to writing just for fun, beginning with four dragons, three old crows, and maybe some turn of the century gothic adventure.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day Late

I got to work today and realized I forgot to blog yesterday. I'll forgive myself this one since yesterday was a bit drama filled for me. I've discovered that finding an agent is very difficult - even once they're interested. It's a much more political game, a lot about who you know, who you are, and what you can do. I feel like there is some testing involved as well - rewrites before signing, exclusive submissions, and just how to figure out the best order of querying in the first place? This industry is definitely filled with nooks and crannies, covered with cobwebs, and filled with hidey-holes and secret treasure. It's hard to find the information you need sometimes, but if you look hard, you'll eventually find it bound to the web somehwere. My lesson of yesterday is patience. I am not a patient person, and now I realize I'm going to have to be if I ever want to get somewhere - though the 'getting somewhere' part likely means another 3-4 years at least. Which brings me back to the most important fact of writing: always write for yourself, make it fun, because that is the essence of creativity. That said, looks like I have another couple of months of waiting, months and months of rewriting, and then hopefully - one day - a celebration. For now, I think I will return to loving my WIP, which is yet to be named.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blogging Day

I was thinking to make Monday Blog Day. Then I realized that Monday already had enough points against it that I shouldn't make it any worse.I prefer my Monday's to be spacious and as free as can be. Needless to say, I did not blog yesterday. In all honesty, I wouldn't have blogged today either only a winter storm came tumbling in. After spending a half an hour in my tiny green car going nowhere, I turned around and came back home. Makes me feel ridiculous for even getting on the road this morning in the first place - I mean really, is work that important? (The answer to this is no, what's important is becoming a writer so staying at home and blogging really is more beneficial)
To that effect, I have attached a picture of the view of the storm from my writing window. This picture is a bit artsy, making the storm look worse than it is, thanks to the fog buildup on the glass. Personally, I like the effect because this is how winter makes me feel: foggy. Though I do have a whole pot of Earl Grey to clear me up so I can begin working on my current YA Work in Progress - a novel called Shadow (that's the short name). The previous novel I wrote I've completed and the full manuscript is in the hands of an agent whom I hope to hear positive things from any day now. That manuscript I will refer to as Tales, and I have great things in mind for it. I've had some awesome readers who have loved the story, now all I need to find is a publisher. That's about it for the writing update. I will blog again in a week - if the snow hasn't buried us all alive.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ever noticed how funny the word Company looks after staring at it. Maybe it's just me....