Friday, November 13, 2015

Things a Reader Should Have - 1.

This blog topic may just be an excuse to buy myself nice things, and talk even more than I already do. But I thought I might as well have some fun.

When I was out shopping the other day, I saw these EOS lip balms. I've since seen this holiday pack everywhere, taking up whole shelves at Walmart and drugstores. I'd seen many people use the EOS lip balm in the past, and I'd always thought, how weird is that: round lip balm. There was just something so wrong about it.

But then I saw this holiday pack, containing three different lip balms: Vanilla, Sweet Mint, and some kind of berry, and the whole thing radiated a faint minty smell and came with these cool silver "gem" stickers to that you could decorate the lip balm and make it your own. And I thought, I have to get that. So I did. And I decorated my balms and I love them and then I thought, You know, this is what every Reader, Writer, NaNoWriMo-er needs: lip balm. Because when you're using your ereader, spending hours reading a regular book, or trying to write something good, your lips get really dry. My lips get really dry.

Well, not any more! Because I have these. And bonus points: they're paraben free and mostly natural!

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