Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kindle Free Book Promotion - Round Three

Today is the second day of my current kindle free book promotion.  Kindle markets the "free book promotion" as an excellent marketing tool for self-publishers.  But does it work?

This is my third round of "Free Book Promoting", which means that I've been selling exclusively through Amazon Kindle, and have opted to be part of the Kindle Select program.  Every 90 days, you are allow up to 5 days of either free book promotion or Kindle countdown deals, or a combination thereof.  So far, I've chosen the free book promotion route mainly because I'm selling my book fairly cheaply already (currently listed for $2.99).  What I've seen, is quite a few downloads of the free book on day one, and less downloads as the promotion goes on.  After the promotion, I've seen a few extra sales (one to three), and maybe one or two borrows on the Kindle Select platform.

What this means:
This could mean a few things, the first being that my book just isn't that popular, which well, let's be honest, seems to be the case.  Though if you've read it and loved it, please share!
Or that the platform only works if you are doing intense marketing of your own, outside of the Kindle platform, such as blog posts, twitter posts, Facebook ads,  book reviews, etc.  Which mainly, I am not.

Most of what I've experienced with self-punishing is that there are few tools there to "help" market, but it still comes down to how much work the author is willing to do, and how much money you're willing to shell out.

Speaking of which, I still haven't heard anything from GoodKindles, to whom I paid $20 for a listing on their website.  I think it's about time I checked into that...

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