Friday, August 1, 2014

I have a reason this time

I've been travelling.  To a wonderful far off place called Iceland.  A spectacular country of otherworldly beauty.

Here is a picture of Svartifoss, one of my favourite places.  It was a nice hike up to the falls, and the beautiful view, which I did not spend long enough enjoying in person.  I tend to do that: see a place and move on.  Keep moving.  To the next place.  The next destination.  I need to retrain myself to enjoy.  Take it slow.

My other reason(s) is that I've been writing - lots.  I return to my regular job in one month, so it's been a dash of writing, trying to finish old things, new things and surprising things.  The first thing I have for you is Windbound - a Black Depths Novella. It's actually a prequel to Black Depths: Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch, and will be free on the kindle store from August 2nd to the 6th.  Take advantage, read, enjoy.  You can find Windbound here.

More about Windbound tomorrow!

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