Friday, March 30, 2012

The Quiet Weeks

Trying to be published means many quiet weeks when you hear absolutely nothing from potential agents, publishers, editors. It means a lot of time in my head wondering if I'm doing the right thing or if perhaps I should focus all my time and attention saving the world from potential environment disaster as I already do in my day job. (BTW - potentially is the word of the day). To distact myself from the quietness, I went on an epic roadtrip last weekend with my husband. We drove over 3000 km down to Rapid City and I saw Mount Rushmore for the first time. The best part of the trip was staying in hotels which had waterparks. The best of which was Wa-tiki in RC, where they have two tube slides, one which races down into a big toilet bowl and the other which passes under mini-waterfalls and pitchblack tunnels. The second best part was seeing Devil's Tower in Wyoming - so beautiful. And third it was just amazing to get out and GO SOMEWHERE I'VE NEVER GONE BEFORE. The other good thing was that it got me to NOT think about writing - something I think I was in desperate need of taking a break from. But now I'm ready to go back, to dive in and work on whatever takes my fancy instead of working on what I think may earn me some money in the future. I have a day job, it pays well. Today I saved a city from a diesel spill (well not really but at least I was there). So I'm ready to go back to writing just for fun, beginning with four dragons, three old crows, and maybe some turn of the century gothic adventure.

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