Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So, What's a Siren?

In my novella, Windbound, which is a prequel in the Black Depths Series, the main character is Amynta, a Siren who lives in Greece. Windbound is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle from now until December 5th, to celebrate the release of Broken Tide, the sequel to Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch. 

Sirens are typically defined as winged women who can compel sailors onto the rocks, leading them to their death. In my world of Neptunian's, sirens are a little bit different.

This is my definition for the Black Depths Series

Siren: a humanoid female who has the power to compel humans (female or male) to do her bidding. This power is gifted by the sea, and is to be used to protect colonies of Neptunians and the sea (or any body of water) from harm. Sirens can often be vengeful and quick to act, and are known for their extremely competitive nature (between sirens). Human hunters highly prize siren catches, as a siren's tongue, once cut out, can grant any human the power of compulsion (one time use). Sirens cannot compel other Neptunians, except with dark magic, which is forbidden.

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