Thursday, November 6, 2014

Too Much Day Job

Ah, last year.  I was at home with a young child, who kept me busy when he was awake, but blissfully took two hours naps where I could easily get all my NaNo words in a day.  Last night, I got home around 9 pm after an exhausting day of work (8am-9pm), and had to force myself to sit my bit in the chair and type.  At 300 words, I almost went to bed, at 750 words, I was pretty sure I was going to power down and go to bed, at 1200 words, I finally began feeling like I was getting close and that I could finish even though I was exhausted, smelly, desperately wanting a shower and my soft downy comforter.  At 1667 words - the daily goal - I wasn't done my chapter so I KEPT GOING!  I finished off close to 1800 words and felt a smug sense of satisfaction that I had pulled through.  That is just the best NaNo feeling, don't you think?  It's like this drawing I did at work, when I was a having a moment of NEEDING TO BE CREATIVE.  I'm not sure if it's and explosion or the sun, but it feels marvelous!

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