Sunday, April 27, 2014

Self-Publishing Update #2

The latest news in the SP world:  I sold 2 copies of Tales of a Redheaded Sea-Witch today.  Hurrah!  (Party Dance)(Fist Pump) *Big Smile*

Can you tell I'm happy?  It hasn't even been a week yet.  Also, the Kindle Countdown Promo seems to have been successful, as over two hundred people picked up Tales for free!  I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

In other news, I posted Chapter Eight of Testers on WattPad today.  If you haven't checked out this on-going adventure of Raya's, check it out for free here.

And best of all:

It's Raining Today!

I love rain.  Here is a view out my back window:

Not sure you can really tell it's raining in that.  But the garden below is a soggy mess.  You can tell from the trees that it's still cold here.  No leaves yet.  Hopefully they arrive soon.  The budding of leaves is my favourite part of spring.  What's yours?

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