Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Time has wings!

Time really does fly.  Today I received a response from an agency I submitted a query to in July 2013!  That is the longest I've waited for a response, I usually assume I won't hear anything after six weeks to two months, but I guess now I can bump that wait period further back.  The response was a no, unfortunately, but the letter was very nice and did mention showing the query to more senior members of the agency (so someone, somewhere must have liked it).  I am still waiting for some queries to come back, but while I do so I am prepping my manuscript for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.  I have a pitch to write, editing to do, an except to perfect, all things to keep me busy!  Meanwhile, I've also been working on other streams of writing, with a focus mainly on short stories.  All in all, with everything I write and read, I believe my writing is getting stronger.  But boy, what a long process.

Until next time.

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