Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back on the Beans

The past month and a half has been much less productive than I would like.  I blame this on quitting coffee.  When I imagine myself writing, I picture a hot steaming mug of coffee beside me.  I can feel the hot ceramic in my hand, warming my fingers, keeping them nice and loose for typing.
Supposedly, I'm replacing coffee with tea.  Decaf tea.
It isn't working.
I've given in more than once.  Especially in the morning.  But this is always when I'm at my Incredibly Boring Day Job (IBDJ), and by the time I get home the buzz has worn off and there is no way I can have another cup of coffee and sleep at all in the night.  And it's driving me crazy.  But I think I've found the problem:  tea isn't thick enough.  Tea is thin, watery, lacking subsidence.
Coffee is rich, thick, and enveloping.  So is there a better substitute out there?  An inbetween?  Before you suggest it, I can't drink decaf coffee because my problem with coffee is that it upsets my stomach.  Don't even ask about the reaction I get when I combine coffee with garlic.  Yeow.  Let's just say you can hear me for miles.
So tea it is.  Decaf tea.
What's your favorite kind?

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