Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What I'm Reading: Wasting Away

A YA Book Review: Wasting Away by Theodora O. Agyeman-Anane

I'm excited to review a book by a beautiful writer and friend of mine, Theodora O. Agyeman-Anane. In her debut novel, Theodora tells the story of Susanna, a girl growing up in Verona, Italy who is struggling with self-acceptance, peer pressure, and love. These internal struggles manifest as an eating disorder, which Susanna battles against throughout the novel.

Told from both first and third person, we see Susanne's struggle first hand, and also through the eyes of others. Journal entries add to the depth of the narrative, and the lyrical prose makes this a beautiful, bittersweet journey for every reader. As the back cover text states, "Wasting Away is a gripping story that will resonate with anyone who has never felt good enough." 

I love the beautiful cover, and the voice of Susanna. Anane does a great job bringing to life the setting of Verona, Italy, where she spent much of her life, and artfully weaves in Susanna's Ghanian heritage.

4/5 Stars.

Tomorrow I will have a Q&A with the author, so be sure to return and check it out!

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