Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Look what I remembered...and someone else forgot.

It's Tuesday and I'm blogging! For the first time since I've set my goal, I've met my goal. I feel that this a time for trumpets, for celebration and crumpets...wait...does anyone know what a crumpet is? (Look up - apparently a cake) Do people still eat crumpets? I'm pretty sure we don't in Canada, so maybe I will settle for an extra piece of dark chocolate instead. But still - celebration all around.

On the weekend I walked downtown to do some banking. As I was walking, I came across this pair of shoes below. I had to take a picture of them, the poor lost shoes, as I wondered just how they had gotten here, who had left them, and why. Then I began to wonder if perhaps they were magic shoes with some evil power (like the Red Shoes), only these were blue. I was tempted for a moment to take my shoes off and put these shoes on, just to see if anything were to happen. Maybe they would teleport me to Hawaii, or the large hadron collider, or the moon...that's where the fantasy's stopped: when I realized the moon has no oxygen and I would end up D-E-A-D. Where do these shoes take you?

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