Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blogging Day

I was thinking to make Monday Blog Day. Then I realized that Monday already had enough points against it that I shouldn't make it any worse.I prefer my Monday's to be spacious and as free as can be. Needless to say, I did not blog yesterday. In all honesty, I wouldn't have blogged today either only a winter storm came tumbling in. After spending a half an hour in my tiny green car going nowhere, I turned around and came back home. Makes me feel ridiculous for even getting on the road this morning in the first place - I mean really, is work that important? (The answer to this is no, what's important is becoming a writer so staying at home and blogging really is more beneficial)
To that effect, I have attached a picture of the view of the storm from my writing window. This picture is a bit artsy, making the storm look worse than it is, thanks to the fog buildup on the glass. Personally, I like the effect because this is how winter makes me feel: foggy. Though I do have a whole pot of Earl Grey to clear me up so I can begin working on my current YA Work in Progress - a novel called Shadow (that's the short name). The previous novel I wrote I've completed and the full manuscript is in the hands of an agent whom I hope to hear positive things from any day now. That manuscript I will refer to as Tales, and I have great things in mind for it. I've had some awesome readers who have loved the story, now all I need to find is a publisher. That's about it for the writing update. I will blog again in a week - if the snow hasn't buried us all alive.

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